CPD Courses


Course 1: Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos is a mineral that exists naturally in a fibrous form and is resistant to heat, water, chemicals and electricity.

Workers in nearly every construction trade face an elevated risk for asbestos related cancers and lung disease.

Exposure to asbestos can cause serious long term health issues and even death. Asbestos was widely used in BC as a building material until the early 1990s, and it can be present in many areas of older buildings.

Only qualified professionals can remove asbestos.



·        Module one: Trades at high risk of exposure to Asbestos

·        Module two: Health Risks and Video

·        Module three: Government Regulations and Importers and Exporters

·        Module four: Educating Home Owners over potential Asbestos

·        Module five: The Asbestos Report

·        Module six:  Work Safe BC and Municipal Regulations

·        Module seven: Assessments

Course 2: Project Managment

A Project is a temporary assignment with a targeted date range and expected results. Selecting and assigning a well-qualified project manager is your best course of action for achieving success.

Project managers in the residential home building industry are of the upmost importance.  A qualified project manager will keep budgets on track and meet deadlines ensuring a successful project for the Company or home owner that has hired his/her services.


·         Module one: Roles and responsibilities

·         Module two: Who can be a project manager

·         Module three: Project manager and the home owner

·         Module four: Ethical conduct of a project manager

·         Module five: The 4 elements of project management

·         Module six: Handling disputes with trades and home owners

·         Module seven: The value of project management

·         Module eight: Assessment

Course 3: Basic Electrical

If you intend to be hired by others to perform electrical work, you must be licensed by BC Safety Authority.

Course 4: Plumbing

Finding a certified plumber for a home renovation or a new build is of the upmost importance. In this module we outline the importance of good plumber and code that could save you thousands of dollars if there is a plumbing issue.

Sometimes, waiting to call a professional plumber can cause thousands of dollars in damage to both the affected plumbing systems and to the home’s structure or your personal property.

This module will educate you as a builder to what to look out for when you hire your plumber for your next project or build.